Grandmother handcraft

As far as i remember my mother she was always tinkering something. She has the skillful fingers and creative mind! I do not mean to praise her too much but I am pretty sure that if she had chance she could became famous figure to consider in the modern fashion world.

When I was a child I hardly  remember my parents buying the clothes for me as it was my mom who used to sew, to  knit, to mend etc etc. She still keep on knitting and sewing making wonderful clothes for me and my husband but mainly by now now she switched to my son and surely to my daughter in the future creating the unique tiny masterpieces.


Boy`s knitted set (acrylic). Size 1-2 years old.


Unisex cardigan (cotton) Size 1,5 – 2,5 years old


Unisex winter sweater (woolen). Size 1-2 years old


Boys pajama (brushed cotton). Size 12 -18 months


Boy`s pajama (brushed cotton). Size 12 – 18 months


Boy`s summer set (T-shirt and shorts, cotton). Size 6 -9 months


My mom and my little son wearing a handmade striped summer T-shirt (pure cotton). Size 18 -24 months

All items are in perfect conditions , carefully stored in our wardrobe until another toddler boy will start wearing them at his pleasure and coziness.

Should you liked something  and decided to buy that item just feel free to write me within the form below submitting your details to be contacted back. Delivery can be arranged for free. The price for every single item is 5 euro and sets are sold at 7 euro.

The photo gallery will be updated on a regular basis, so many more items to come!


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