My greeting to every reader and especially to those who decided to support me!

I am Natalia, full-time employee, house-wife, mama of a cute baby boy Jake and a baby girl who is going to be born in November 2016. I am interested in a wide range of subjects as cinema, design, gardening, reading, travelling and many others. I love the sea and driving the cars. I enjoy collecting porcelain souvenir dolls from different countries.

“We love, we share, we play, we laugh, we fight , we live! The family is the biggest nature`s masterpiece”

However my family is my greatest inspiration feeding me with new joyful instants to write about, giving new ideas to share with and prompting to make researches on what suits us and makes our life more positive and easygoing in our country Malta and not only!

Your support is much appreciated!


P.S.  My dear followers, I am not a native English speaker thus I would like to say  in advance a big sorry for any mistake you might find out.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for following me! It inspires when others support you! That is true about similarities…I love to know that somewhere far away (I understand you live in Australia now..?) there are people whose life experience is similar to mine at this stage so we can share a lot of thoughts and skills in common, follow and support each other! Wish you all the best and happy to meet you!


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    • Hi Brain, First of all thank you very much for having a look at my blog and for your nice words. Everything is OK and I hope to see my girl already in few days. I hope you are doing very well too! The same here, I hoped to find someone from Malta but never had a chance. Will be happy to keep in touch! All the best!


  6. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. I’ve never been to Malta, but would love to. What I have done, however, is stay married (48 years) and raise two boys. It takes a lot of work, but it’s well worth every minute. Best wishes to you in all you do. — Rusha

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    • I did not read a lot of posts so far, but what i read i loved them. The cakes are just wonderful. Thank you for following me back! If one day you will decided to come you will enjoy it for sure! No doubts, can not imagine my love without my family all challenges and difficulties are just temporary. Thank you again, happy to follow your blog and all the best!

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