Stay or not to stay, that is a question!


Few days ago while being out for a walk with my kids I met my ex colleague (at that point i thought that she still was my colleague as when I had left for my maternity leave she was still employed with my company). I was happy to see her as somewhere deep in my heart I miss my job, my colleagues an another type of life rhythm. We started talking on what, why and how and I got to know an interesting detail  that basically all people who were present at the office at my time left the company because of different reasons  but at the same time all those reasons had one root – a deep dissatisfaction. Thus basically when i will come back to work next October I will find myself in a strange position of being one of the oldest and in the same time of the newest employee as with all new staff I will the last coming over.Oh my God!

Anyway it’s not a new story for me! I have been employed with my company for almost 6 years and during all these years people were coming and going on a permanent basis. Not to mention a high turnover is to say nothing! Turnover always was huge problem and I believe not only with us, many new employees never stayed more than 6 months which is our official probation period when you can leave or can be fired with no obligations and I always was questioning myself why was it going in this way? I admit that we have a quite demanding, strict and direct in words management who keeps an eye on you with “give a finger and it will buy off a hand” attitude, but at the same time encouraging and polite if seeing you trying to do your best, getting results, bringing up new ideas and ways of their realization. So whose fault is it? Bad management or bad employees? Obviously this question will always remain open as in this case with too different targets every side pursuit its own goals. Someone is too touchy or lazy to survive our environment, someone is too stubborn or initiative to submit to others’ opinions, Someone is simply looking for better conditions. However there is an important category of people who are unsatisfied because of a broken balance between “giving to and getting back”. Obviously you get frustrated when with all effort applied trying to do your best all your results are ruined by someone else and  you have to start from a scratch while once again being rushed and reproached from people above you. Such a difficult and sensitive topic! I feel extreme sorry to lose some of my colleagues as we became special to each other. Especially feeling sad some of those lovely people left the island as they belong to other countries (our office was very multinational) so now we talk and see each other only by mean of modern technologies. As to me I am balancing somewhere in between trying to give to my company as much as i can and get from it as much as I can at the same time too!


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