Relax and take it easy – a though about a tired home-staying mom!


When I was a working mom I never used to complain that I did not manage to do all necessary errands be them work related, home related or kid related things to do. I was happy to be a working mom considering that I loved my job from almost all points of view. It allowed me to travel a couple of times a year, earn enough money to afford wasting them for my favorite sometimes even stupid things, being flexible in working hours working afternoons from home etc etc. I also have to mention that my office in located in one of the most lovely places on the earth – Valletta. However i had those moments when i wanted to stop working for sometime primarily  to spend some more time with my child. I was sure that staying at home would let me to do so many things on time while my son was at his child care center and dedicate the evening to family. Finally this little wish came true! Once I had my second child we decided that I stop working for a year to take care of our baby, additionally our house needed a little maintenance, we finally planned to move in the main bedroom etc etc, basically I knew I had no time to be bored. What do I have now? Fairly saying I still have not enough time to do everything I have planned for a day!I started thinking what is the reason may be? Is it because I spend too much time doing something else thinking that I would still have enough time or may be because I plan too much exaggerating on my possibilities or may be because i want to be just as perfect as I can disproving a common thought that if you are a not working mom you are lazy and you do nothing. Basically what I want to summarize  is that staying home make me feeling tired  by the end of the day and pressured more than when I used to work, but the most horrible think about it is that no one believes in it until they try themselves telling me just simply “But you do not work so you have all your time”.  Then what about all cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, going shopping, taking care of the kids (from basic needs to developing and entertaining them)and other big and small errands which popping up as mushrooms on a daily basis and a non working mom supposed to deal with????

I do not want to be upset about it! At the end of the day Spring is coming!!! Today we have a beautiful day. The sun is warming up our lovely little island, the temperature is about + 20° thus f****k the errands I am just going to seat my daughter in the pushchair, pick up my son from school and drive somewhere for a nice walk and an ice cream!!!! Ah, yes I spend a lot of time kissing and hugging my kids also, having fun with them so that they remember me in this way and not a tired and grumpy mummy.


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