Pleasant discovery!


Having a few days off is always a great possibility to spend some time together with your husband and the kids. Last week we stayed ii a beautiful 5 stars hotel Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands towering over one of the most beautiful bay of Malta. Our room had an amazing view of the beach and nearby hills covered with juicy green grass and all blooming in flowers. Where else you could see such a beauty in February!!! I actually never thought about the beach being a perfect place for the family outings in winter but I was mistaken as on a quiet sunny day its full of people with kids playing on the sand, running barefooted and even swimming. I was amazed seeing very young kids easily getting into the cold water, I guess it was not more than 16 -17 degrees° and they seemed to be enjoying it! My son also expressed his wish to get undressed and try the water but as being “a too much right mum” obviously i did not allow him to do so. But it was a real pleasure to sit on a warm sand, playing and having some snack together, enjoying fresh air and a perfect view. I even managed to get some suntan ! Wintet beach is completely diffrent from the traditional summer beach with its unexplainable freshness and immense feeling of freedom. Being there with your kids makes you feel a child again, making simple funny silly things, enjoying every moment, expressing yourself withoit caring what others might think. Definitely the beach in winter will be on my list “to go to” in winter with kids on a sunny weekend day. I love you Malta!






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