Daily Post: Simple daily joys!


I love those early mornings when you wake up and everyone else is sleeping. It is still dark and so quiet just an equal breathing of my sleeping infant next to me can be heard. Yes we do sleep together practicing co-sleeping since she was born and that always worked for us giving me and my husband longer hours of a pacific sleep. Last night it was raining heavily with quite loud thunderstorm and blinking lightning which woke up our son who run scared straight to our room, but unfortunately  our bed so far is not that big enough to fit four of us so my husband just needed to go to sleep with our son in his room. My daughter was in a deep sleep after eating a good portion of milk so me without being afraid to wake anyone up just had all my time to enjoy some fresh coffee, read some news “on social networks – smile”, send birthday wishes and get to know that Shyba family got their fifth child, so happy for them! I listened to the rain drops heating the glass of the balcony door, some random planes taking off and cars passing by. The monotone noise make it up for to get back to sleep for some more time snuggled cozy in the warm blanket and hugging my baby.

Soon I would need stand up for my daily routine errands but this particular morning just belong to me.


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