If you want to spend more money for extra baby stuff better put them aside on a bank baby account – your child will be grateful to you later on!

The holiday season is over! My older son is back to school, my younger daughter passed through her colic time and finally started sleeping more or less bearable and giving some rest to my arms and back thus here we go to my lovely ‘caboosemama’ with some free time now keeping busy my fingers.

Today I was sorting baby and kids stuff which started taking too much space in our house and came to a conclusion that I could make it without almost ninety  percent of things we bought for the kids throughout last 3 years.I do not really need them and hardly use them and if I use them that is just to justify its purchase for my husband and mainly myself. all those clothes, toys modern baby staff actively promoted by plenty of manufacturers affecting new mum`s mind and making them buying the things because of the fashion rather than of a need. We could save so much money!!! So I was thinking what i would really could not make it without and put down my comfortable list which will may be help others to avoid useless acquisitions.

  1. Cot transforming into a single bed later on ( no comments)
  2. Pushchair ( we bought  2 in one pushchair as a carry cot which comes in 3 in one sets is only used for a couple of months)
  3. Car seat ( as safe as it can only be)
  4. High chair or a booster which is cheaper to place on a normal chair
  5. Nappies and wipes ( preferably to be replenished when the previous pack is going to finish as the babies are growing so fast that one can risk to remain with packs of nappies the child has grown up from)
  6. Nappy cream ( I use Bepanthen cream which is the best from the best and can be used for almost any bad baby skin conditions perfectly healing the skin, I am not promoting it , I just love it)
  7. Formula and bottles for bottle-fed babies ( I love Tommy Tippee)
  8. Cicaplast Baume B5 cream for those moms who choose the breastfeeding ( it is not a nipple cream but it s just general soothing and repairing skin cream used all over Malta for any kind of minor skin scratches, cracks etc.
  9. Medicines ( my main helpers are saline and baby Panadol)
  10. Lipicar  Baume, lipid replenishing balm ( can be used for any dry skin condition from new-born plus, it helped to my son to get rid of a severe eczema on his cheek ( in combination with Eledel cream against an atopic dermatitis conditions).
  11. Obviously minor things like: few clothes for the first time as babies grow too fast out of them, a couple of blankets, bed sets, simple basin for bath time plus shampoo( I love Mustella brand), few toys.
  12. Safety gates ( especially for houses with stairs)
  13. Sleeping bag ( both my babies moving s much that no blanket would help to keep them warm thus a sleeping bag is a perfect solution)
  14. My friends also mention a lot a sling but in my case it was not useful.



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