The way to motherhood!

Yesterday we welcomed our baby girl! Now trying to look back and remember what we are passing trough while expecting with the bit of funny musings:

Deciding, trying, happy to know, exited, accepting congrats, shopping obsessed, waiting, feeling sick, waiting for it to stop, craving for such a strange food, still happy and shopping obsessed, criticised for extra shopping, finally enjoying, waiting, looking forward to maternity leave while still being shopping obsessed,trying to finalise other pending errands,fed up of clinics,waiting, struggling to sleep,feeling heavy,trying to rest with no success,giving as much attention as you can to an older child, feeling tired and fed up of shopping, waiting still happy, encouraging your husband, trying to sleep,being alert, fed up of clinch even more, exited when a right hour comes, waiting waiting, pain,pain pain and even more pain, applying your last effort while being exhausted and breathless, understanding how you are lucky to find a right man who is next to u right now supporting you and seeing all your lows, hearing the first scream while feeling an enormous relief, commanding what u need and what you do not need,meeting relatives and friends,accepting congratulations,  struggling not to sleep and trying to remember what it means to breastfeed, looking forward to get back home and starting new lifeissuing your older child and trying to cope with two cheeky monkeys .

Yesterday I became a second time mom.Feeling happy.Sorry for not being active in blogging for the last few days.

Wishing a nice day to everyone!


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