Chinese garden of Serenity in Malta. As natural and beautiful as it can be!

End of October in Malta keep on making us happy with the beautiful weather. The temperature again reached almost 28 ° C.

 In the morning when we woke up the sky was fully covered with grey quite rainy clouds which suddenly and surprisingly disappeared by noon. So we decided to enjoy possible last almost summer days outside exploring something new and interesting for both adults and children.

Every  morning while going to work I was driving by a very enticing place stretching along my route and behind an iron fence I could see a beautiful garden with some sharp parts of the roof popping up here and there . It was surely a place very worth to be visited. But wherever we were going to visit it there was always something preventing us from it. Finally today we managed to get there and here we go – welcome  to a  Chinese garden of Serenity which reflects the local environment by including natural elements and represents various philosophical ideas.

The Chinese Gardens encourage visitors to walk around following its intricated path while fully relaxing and getting absorbed by their own  thoughts. The Chinese Garden of Serenity combines two the most important elements- rocks and water which creates a fabulous  peaceful garden and also symbolizes yin and yang, life from birth to death.The garden has fountains, a zig zag formed corridors, bridges, different types of doors with their own specific meaning. I hope you will enjoy some shots captured its beauty in full. 





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