Non-stop playing!

In Malta there are so many places to visit with the very young children to enjoy a family outing together! Today we have visited one of them – Playmobil FunPark Malta.

It is a very lovely welcome place with a big play inside and outside areas. The kids can find every kind of toys to play with inside the park and to buy a toy they liked most before they go home being fully satisfied and overwhelmed with plenty of emotions. It becomes especially actual and useful when the weather outside is not so good, too hot or too windy speaking about Malta. All the areas are fully air-conditioned and offer a lot of space being divided in islands with different toy sets.In a cafe nearby one can taste some local snacks and drinks while keep on playing and having fun!

Our son was not an exception, we have spent there good three hours to try everything we only could. It was quite hard to convince him to leave the Park an go home obviously not without a surprise.20161016_11345120161016_11354620161016_113634



The play area outside offer a variety of activities to climb, jump, slide and so on….



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