Discover Challenge: “Radical Authenticity” – A stupid question!

Radical Authenticity

Yesterday, while our son was sleeping, me and my husband were watching a new horror movie, I am not going into the details on which movie it was, but every time i see a horror i have the same thought about certain moments.It is rather a question than a thought: Why the main characters very often Β go into the basement knowing that there it might be worse? They are shivering while getting there, looking back that no one is following them and still keep on leaving step by step behind moving into the darkness? What is it..? A cliche…? Or I can apply here the topic of the Weekly Discover Challenges – Radical Authenticity of the horror genre in general…? Even if for the reason being it is used to add more adrenaline for the viewers, personally I think Β that person is very stupid and if it was me I would just run away! Would not that be logical..?! Another thing to add is that quite often , when something very bad and horrible happens to a character, others may ask : ” Are you OK?” seeing that the person does not even move to be OK. It is somehow ridiculous!

Nice topic for the approaching night, lol, but I would like to hear your opinion on this even so it has no importance at all! Thank you in advance!


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