Daily post: “Trust”


My baby boy, I want so much to embrace you

And never let you go from my hug.

I want to cuddle you and kiss your little nose,

To be your mommy is my greatest luck!

My naughty boy I always will be there 

For you, if you get hurt or feeling sad

Forgive me if sometimes I  shout 

Releasing my emotions, I know that is bad!

My sweetest boy I melt to hear you breathing, 

When you sleep peacefully while smiling in your dream.

Your tiny arms around my neck and words “I love you”,

Accelerate my heartbeat and bloodstream.

My innocent boy I want you to remember,

Your happiness and health for me is a must.

Grow up, be strong and brave believing in yourself,

I will support you, all I wish is your respect and trust!


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