The most original reminder of what I was and how that affected my life!


As far as i remember myself during my High Secondary school and University years i was always studying something and it was not compulsory something related to  my actual studies at the school or  the university. When I was at my second year of the University  I fell in love with an Italian  Language due to my constant listening to the songs of Eros Ramazzotti (I guess first I fell in love with him). Since then I always used to keep in my bag a dictionary checking any word which comes to my mind as i was trying even to think in Italian. I used to buy a lot of books in Italian language, watching Italian movies and everyone was telling me that I was amazingly crazy. Wherever my friends were going to a party, for a drink  or just going out for a walk et cetera et cetera I preferred staying home, reading or studying. I ended up with a nickname of a nerd or a wonk ( I am not sure would be the best equivalent in English) and that was true. Everyone was telling me that doing this I ” bury myself” actually meaning  that I miss the best years of the youth fun when you are free to go out with friends, date handsome guys and  do whatever you like gaining your life experience. I agreed with them but kept on doing what i really like pursuing my dream to become an Interpreter. Now looking back over my shoulders I understand that if I did not opt for that choice my life would be completely different. I managed to learn the language at a perfect level and proved it getting an internationally recognized certificate of Linguistic University of Sienna in Italy and few years later to move to another city and get a job of my dream in an Italian company manufacturer of  the floor tiles “Kerama Marazzi” with a lot of branches all over the world. I started working as a personal assistant and interpreter which included a lot of business trips thus i was the happiest person in the world being proud of myself. The chain of the further events brought me to a point of meeting my husband (who also speaks a perfect Italian while being a Maltese as at that time my English was extremely poor and I  would not be able to communicate at a  due level (in Malta there are two official language – Maltese and English so everyone speaks perfectly both languages). Before I moved to Malta my friend who was very sorry to let me go just gifted me the most original present ever – a handmade cloth doll which perfectly reassembles myself at that remote time of University years when I was studying, studying and nothing else. The same long  blond always  loose hair, a beret, flared mac and a bag with a small cute dictionary inside. It  always will be reminding me about that hard but still very lovely time and an effort I made to become what I am now. Thank you my dear friend Dasha!



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