An art to listen!


Throughout all my life I did not learn how to flatter! I really believe that the flattery on its own is a sort of an art, so to do It skillfully and nice to avoid being artificial and provoke suspicions, and just simply sound more sincere, you need to learn how to do it or have an innate ability. I believe it is very closely connected to psychology as well as to the fact to find a right time to catch the person`s mood and express  yourself. As I said I do not know how to do it and that complicates my life as in certain situations you need to do it even so you might not like it.So I just chose another method of approach – I just stay silent if i do not feel in the same way other people praise someone. That helps me not to offend others and make enemies instead of getting pretended friends while flattering. However i have a problem here again as I love to talk thus i need to make a big effort to follow this way.The result is: I have very few true friends and I have a lot of acquaintances and i am quite satisfied by that.


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