“Put your helmet on girl!”



Today we had a wonderful October day, even so i could easily say a summer day as its weather  brought us a big surprise when the temperature hit +29 ° C. Yesterday the forecast was predicting some random showers, but waking up in the morning we have seen a completely clean blue sky with neither a hint of clouds nor wind which could bring some later on.

In the morning we headed to Kordin  to see a field hockey match between my husband`s team Floriana Young Stars and Qormi.

While watching the game my boys were playing with the ball, drinking soft drinks and having a lot of fun. Soon our friends joined us. Their little daughter was only a year older than Jake so they used to get along very well and play together. They brought with them a pedal free bicycle to keep her entertained obviously Jake loved it too but as a real gentlemen  who in the morning told me not take his scooter with us, he  did not pretend to use her bicycle. At one point Zoe took off her helmet while riding the bicycle and Jake started chasing her holding the helmet in his hands and telling her to put it on. Obviously it was not because he was caring about her safety as that was still out of his understanding considering his age , he just knew that the helmet should be on while riding something outside so he was insisting to make it as it should be but it was touching to observe them and luckily I managed to take a nice shot of this in action as if he wanted to say:” Be careful girl, take precautions. 


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