“But if you tamed me, then we shall need each other”- The Fox, “The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint Exupery



I know nothing about the dog on the balcony! I only know that this beautiful dog lives in one of the most beautiful towns on the water in the world –  Bruges.

Anyway I am pretty sure that on that day He or She (i can not say It ) was the main character of the most viral snapshots. It was obvious that He got used to a lot of attention from the thousands of tourists taking  daily boat rides along the channel his house was built up on. The dog was absolutely relaxed enjoying his position and lazily overlooking what was happening around Him without being bothered. Is not He cute?


Neither I know anything about this dog! But unlike the first provincial dog this one is a pure city dog who lives in the heart of Brussels. We spotted him in one of the Central Parks. He was very friendly and mainly enjoyed the perfect June weather and his toy laying on a juicy grass. Just from time to time he was approaching a big pond nearby to bark a bit on the ducks.



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