Whose banana is bigger or can it be fun to work at the office..?


We have got used to perceive an  office as a very serious, extremely busy environment where there is no room for any other attitude. Where you work with no break, giving all yourself to your job especially when it comes to your customers you need to face or  deadlines you need to respect no matters what. I admit that sometimes I even had to send my slightly sick child to his nursery as i had no other options but to be at work or take him with me which was not a better option. As a result you getting stressed with no space for relax  affecting not only your work but also your personal life.

But that is not a story from our office life ………! Me and my colleagues have understood a while ago how important for your job and your personality to be on a positive mood especially if you deal directly with your final customer as we do at our sales department thus we decided to introduce a very pleasantBreakthrough“>breakthrough”to have some time for laugh during our working routine to get read of some negative energy accumulating bit by bit when you are constantly under the pressure.

Some snapshots below are just to see its outcome:


Some fun in between my female colleagues  during our lunch break


A nice surprise in the morning!


A good laugh during the conference while meeting our potential partners!

My son at my office – cute joy and entertainment for my colleagues!

I would like to wish a good laugh and a positive mood to everyone for tomorrow and every other day!


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