Colours of a Maltese Autumn


Today, after few cloudy and rainy days, first October brought  the summer back to Malta so we decided to spend some quality time outside and enjoy a wonderful walk to St Anton Botanical Gardens surrounding the masterpiece of 17th century – The St Anton Palace which is an official residence of the President of Malta .

I need to add that in Malta we do not have a lot of greenery and real parks to  enjoying the fresh air and some shade which is a must during the dry hot summer or the windy  winter thus this garden with its huge ancient trees, some of which are over three centuries old, and the bushes in blossom is a real Value“>value and  salvation for the local folks.

I invite my lovely readers to look at some of the wonderful views we shot in the morning. That is how an Autumn in Malta looks like!

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn





5 thoughts on “Colours of a Maltese Autumn

  1. Thank you very much #roxanaserbanescu
    Sorry for being late in replying, just found your comment out in a spam folder! You have a lovely blog! Thank you for the posts about Malta, happy to know that you have enjoyed! Will be happy to meet you should you visit us again! I will be following your blog!

    Okoto Enigma thank you for your suggestion to check it!


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