Up and Off……

Our house is located in a small Southern town right nearby Malta International airport!

That is the view we can enjoy every day from our bedroom balcony.

When we first moved in there I thought I would not survive and go soon really crazy from the never stopping drone of the planes` engines especially late in the night or early in the mornings. However as the time was passing by, being involved at house work and other daily routines I learnt not to pay attention to it. Few ย years later I do not mind it at all. I got used to that noise which is now for me not more than a wind whisper. I even started enjoying looking at the constant taking off and landing of the planes. It made me feeling somehow melancholic ย as if I was personally involved in uninterrupted departures and arrivals of the people I know nothing about. It is like being a tiny part of their travel, i really started loving it at least because it is never boring!

“All human life stories can be found at the airport” – by David Walliams

The funniest thing is that when my friends or my relatives were leaving Malta from the roof of my house I could easily wave my hand to all of them being on board in the same way as if they just simply took a taxi or a bus. My son adores seeing the planes and always says “Good bye plane” or just simply “Stop it bumma”โ™ฅ

“You do not need magic to disappear , all you need is a destination”

Have a safe trip where you are flying!


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