A bit of Spain and Portugal with lucky Floriana Young Stars part 2

To get the most out of our trip we had carefully planned our time in order to combine the sightseeing of the most popular and  attractive places with a tight schedule for the forthcoming matches. Of course the first on the list was Porto, the second largest city in Portugal strategically located along the Duoro river estuary and situated only  30 minutes of driving from our host town. It is a beautiful city with a  charming view of the old quarter, the river dividing two banks, bridges and a cableway.

To embrace as many places of interest on the both banks of the city as we could and its natural surroundings we took a boat cruise around Porto  which  almost led us to the open Atlantic ocean.

As usual my son is the main protagonist looking around with such an interest!


The next point in our agenda  was a  cellar and wine tasting tour of the famous winery Cockburn`s manufacturing one of the best port wine in Portugal. It was especially appreciated by the amateurs of the fine delicious wine.



Trying to concentrate my attention on describing our enticing free time I am completely missing the main point of our trip thus I get back to the field hockey. Before i have met my husband I would never thought that field hockey is such a popular game, especially in Southern European countries. It is a very challenging  sport and the highest level of concentration is the must. Here below I am posting few bright moments of the games. Floriana Young Stars (Malta) is playing in green uniform.

The most dedicated fan!


Maltese flag



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