A bit of Spain and Portugal with lucky Floriana Young Stars part 1

It has been a bit more than a year since our trip to Portugal. It was a dream travel experience and the very first serious journey for my little who was only 18 months at that moment. Once upon a time my husband`s field hockey team “Floriana Young Stars” was invited to participate in a tournament in a small Portuguese town Santa Maria de Lamas, which was located only few kilometers  away from Porto, organized by a local team Llamas Hoquei. The team has taken their positive decision so all the  members of the team, my husband included, together with their voluminous sportive equipment headed to Portugal taking on board an extra burden consisted of their family members for their moral support and a feeling of being home.

Ready to go with our green talkative mascot named Scout from Leapfrog

We left Malta early morning with a flight heading to Madrid. I have to mention that the team did not look for the easiest way to get to our destination point so once landed at Madrid airport we have rented three  mini-buses to fit all of delegation of almost 30 people and their immense luggage, including our son`s buggy and toddler car seat. Set up our GPS we happily moved on. It was  a long but very pleasant way. On the border between Spain and Portugal we stopped for a brief sightseeing in an old Celtic  city Salamanca.Salamanca_2008.jpg

Cathedral of Salamanca and the nearby square with plenty of cafe and souvenir outlets

Fully satisfied with our walk to warm up the muscules after a long time of being seated and deeply impressed by the shenario we continued our way.

The hotel Nova Cruis where we were supposed to stay in Portugal was located in a small town beautifully called Santa Maria de Feira. Finally late in the evening we managed to get there. It is just a small town shining with its white houses with red tegular roofs,abundant gardens in blossom, crystal clean streets and very friendly smiling people.We also were pleasantly surprised knowing that nearby the town there is a beautiful medieval Castle de Santa Maria de Feira surrounded by huge Park area which we could dedicate to  some free time.


Castle de Santa Maria de Feira


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