“The mood of rustling leaves”

Every year at about this time when October approaching the world I feel some kind of melancholia. Being already an adult person, I was perceiving it very acutely.  It  was hovering in the air and I could smell it with every drizzling rain, hear it with every falling leave, taste it with every sip of hot coffee.

However originally coming from a Northern country  I remember when I was a child it was not only about a romantic sadness which autumn usually brings to our hearts, it also was about some nice pastime during those last warm days of Indian summer when me and my friends had a hilarious autumn entertainment setting up the piles of fallen leaves and then jumping over, throwing the leaves at each other, imitating  a golden rain or just simply rustling the leaves with our feet. Sometimes I look through an old photo album and miss my past!

I am also a bit sorry that I cannot do the same fun activities with my child as here in Malta there is no really Autumn as I used to know it. Here the summer time smoothly turning into the surprising winter time. The trees remain green, the fields start covering with its juicy greenery after a rainy period,  as during the summer all grass was burnt  by the hot Mediterranean sun. The bushes of bougainvillea producing the beautiful colorful flowers. It is still very warm during the day and only by the evening you start feeling a little freshness of the coming autumn.I am not complaining about it in no way, I am very grateful for such blessed weather and beauty around me. However I feel like to upload and let you contemplate some beautiful photos of the parks in autumn from my original city.




Myself , when i was only 15 years old. Savanna-like feeling


Myself in a forest close to my grandma house at my early childhood with my dog Beata!


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