Baby garden in its full blooming!

Malta, where my family does live is a very tiny island, so everything is quite tiny here except the houses. Local people prefer to have a lot of space for themselves inside as that is the place where they spend a lot of time during summer and winter time being at their extremes: “too much hot or too much windy or too much rainy” .

The gardens are not exception even so it will still  not be the same garden as we used to imagine it the countries with big territories. Few can afford to have a real big garden. We have a big more or less traditional stylish house but we have no garden just an internal yard which is quite small  so there  was no way to make “a plantation” of the plants I would love seeing in my garden, but “the gardener inside me” could not not give up as I was a rural girl from my childhood when  I used to help my grandmother who had a big garden and enjoyed it so much! Thus i decided to set up my own “corner baby garden”. As we do not have the ground floor which is taken by garages beneath we have no actual natural soil in the yard so all the plants were placed either in the pots on the floor or wall shelves or hung with hooks. I caught a moment and took some snapshots of my cute baby garden in its utmost beauty when every single plant was blooming and flourishing.

I hope you will enjoy it!


“Almost any garden , if you see it at just the right moment, can be confused with the paradise”- Henry Mitchell




Uninvited guest in my tiny garden. “Such a  cutie”



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