We made a wish and you came true and that is just a beginning!

“As soon as i saw you I knew a life adventure was going to happen”. – Winnie the Pooh


My boy is growing up so quickly. In two months time he will be 3 years old, but looking on the photo above where he is just a tiny fragile creature it seems like it has just happened, I remember every moment, the first time seeing my baby face, touching his little hand, the first night together. The time is flying too fast. Sometimes I would love to stop it to prolong the moments of carrying and cuddling him in my arms. However the time is passing by and my little gentlemen growing up, bringing us joy and happiness every day!

Today two important things have happened. First, we had Jake`s graduation from his child care center YOYO at SkyPark, in a few days the real school is going to start for my little boy-he is going to enter a Kindergarten 1 class.

“Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you have always imagined”.

Some sweet treats after the big event!

The second thing was not less hilarious for us – tired and satisfied for the first time Jake fell asleep in his own room which recently was refurbished into nursery room in a new big bad. No sleeping in the cot anymore. Kemm inti bravu qalbi (Which means  – “You are great my sweetheart” in Maltese language).



Good night and sweet dreams my love!


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