Nostalgic feeling and my missing town!

Every morning from Monday to Friday after dropping my son off at his child care center I drive to Valletta. I park by Phoenicia hotel and have my pretty 15 minutes of walk to get to the office. On the way there I buy an aromatic coffee and a chocolate or blueberry muffin at McDonald’s. Yes, yes I did not make a mistake saying McDonald`s, may be you will not believe  but for me that is the best treat on those lovely mornings. I enjoy changing from time to time the route leading to my office, alternating the streets and observing the morning town. It is never the same! In the early mornings it reminds me a beehive with its buzzing from the tracks and vans` invading the streets and their drivers shouting here and there, unloading the goods. Shop and cafes` owners sharing the news with each other  and predicting a new day while setting up their facilities to accommodate always new guests.

In the afternoon it is completely different Valletta, relaxed in its siesta time, full of tourists trying to make the most out of their visits, buying souvenirs, checking the maps or simply enjoying the beautiful views while sitting in a cafe over a cup of coffee or a glass of Kinnie. The only common thing is that regardless of the timing it is always crowdy and full of surprises.

For me Valletta is a place where I work, do my shopping, come for a walk with my family and enjoy every moment spent there whatever my mood is. I  believe this town deserves to be memorialized in a continuation of a famous franchise under the name of “VAllETTA, I LOVE YOU!”.

Yes, I really do love it because of many reasons and it is ability to charge me positively for the whole day. I love it because of its Cafe Cordina with the best ice cream ever on the island.


I love it because of the big squares with the fountains popping up from the ground and the music flowing along the streets with beautiful  antique buildings.

I love it because of never closed outlets where the life is always seething.

I love it because of my son who even being fully in love with the big playgrounds can be entertained on his own with the simplest things enjoying the freshness of the gardens and breathtaking views of the Grand Harbor.Feeding the pigeons or riding the motorized children cars and other characters or simply seating in his buggy and looking forward to enter the next toy shop to choose another small car toy to add to his already huge cars collection.

I am looking forward to welcome soon in this world my baby girl so this week I will have my last working days and the last morning walk. I will be missing my wonderful town, but I promise me and my family still will be coming for a walk there to feel that miraculous atmosphere and experience the new tunes. I pretty sure my daughter will love it too.


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