Easy-going with kids…? Why not

It is convenient if possible to be a hassle free parent thus I am looking for the hassle free goods!

As soon as I got to know that I am again expecting another baby our first 2-in-1 buggy got broken. We did not manage to fix the handle bar so we have gotten an issue of buying a new stroller. It was not easy to decide  which one to choose to fit comfortably 2 kids of different age as our eldest son who is two years and ten months still gets tired to walk long distances thus along with a new baby would need its own space in it. I spent a lot of time in searching for an appropriate buggy among many notorious brands and finally by coincidence as the picture of it popped up on my Facebook page  I found a perfect one for us: Joovy Caboose Ultralight has met all my expectations!

  • It has a universal fitting to fit majority of baby carriers/cars seats which was very important for me as our baby carrier from the first stroller was still in perfect conditions so we did not need to spend money on a new one;
  • It has an independent seat and stand-on platform for a toddler allowing its own space and a lot of freedom satisfying the needs of my son who is always on the run, but at the same time safety features to keep a little jumper well-fastened;
  • Joovy Caboose has also a spare standard buggy seat which can be installed in case your eldest child is younger than two and half years old;
  • It is very light comparing to the other  tandem strollers;
  • Once canape removed it fits even in a car with a medium size boot;
  • It is very sturdy and has a high handle bar with a cute parent organizer to keep the important baby things within the reach.


Fun for kids, comfort for mama!



In my opinion it has only strong points and no minuses at all. Worth to invest in for the families with two very young kids. By the way it has an option for the families with triplets or children who are close in their age.

A sincere THANK YOU for having and keeping our JOOVY CABOOSE goes to the welcoming staff of a small shop “LADDERS” “discovered” on a tiny street  in the heart of Valletta  which will pleasantly surprise you with a very big range of high quality baby/kids goods at affordable prices. Worth to pass by!



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